Collaborating in Costa Rica‏

December 1, 2010

Dear friends,

The world's leading grassroots advocates are gathered in Punta Leona, Costa Rica this week for the 2010 ELAW Annual Meeting.  They are collaborating on new solutions to problems stemming from coastal development, climate change, use of water resources, mining, oil development, and more.

ELAW Annual Meeting 2010: Costa RicaCarla Garcia Zendejas (in red, front left) posted the following as she prepared to depart for the meeting from her home in Mexico:

"It is time for dear friends and environmental lawyers from around the world to come together for our next ELAW Annual Meeting...  Approximately 100 souls from 30 countries will be sitting together computers in hand as always, to share our latest news on environmental advocacy, litigation and deep struggles from the trenches.

These are the moments we crave for, to meet face-to-face after years of digital communication, of pdf attachments and legal memoranda.  Yes, Costa Rica is a beautiful place to meet, and there will be lovely opportunities to enjoy the fantastic landscape...  But I know -- and am quite sure -- that conversations will drag on for hours on end, be it on sand or water or luscious green, about environmental law, about legal strategy and about how to improve the environment.

Even though we will be encouraged to play, most of us will work just as hard or harder, precisely because we know that our work, from Kenya to Haiti and Malaysia to Spain has direct bearing on protecting stunning and fragile places such as this."

Read more from Carla.

Starting today, ELAW and the Seattle International Foundation will co-host a second meeting, in San Jose, bringing together regional advocates for building strong, sustainable communities in Central America.

Many thanks to SIF and ELAW's friends and supporters for making this high impact collaboration possible!


Maggie Keenan
Communications Director
Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide

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