Public Interest Environmental Lawyers -- Global Examples and Personal Reflections (10 Widener L. Rev. 451 (2004))

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... Law journals and textbooks are full of cases about environmental law, while little is written about the lawyers and law firms that actually bring the cases. ... Many of the members of the litigating and law reform public interest environmental law movement around the world have gathered together since 1991 in a worldwide network called the Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide, or E--LAW. E--LAW`s members now comprise nearly 300 lawyers on all continents. ... In 1983, the first public interest environmental law conference was created by myself, my colleague Professor Michael Axline, and a number of law students at the University of Oregon. ... But the most dramatic event occurred when Meena asked whether we could learn anything about a scientist named Henry Wagner who was working as an advisor to the lawyers for the company. ... Lalanath went to work in government for a stint and then established the Public Interest Law Foundation (PILF), an NGO working in the "areas of environment, women and children`s rights, rights of the differently--abled, and good governance. ... Environmental litigation and public interest environmental law firms have sprung up in several other parts of India as well. ... I was still working on Mehta at the 1993 Public Interest Environmental Law Conference in Oregon. ...

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