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Mundy vs. Central Environmental Authority and others (SC Appeal 58/2003) (decided 20 January 2004)

The Supreme Court of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

SC Appeal 58/2003
CA Application 688/2002

Heather Therese Mundy,1 Baddegodahena Estate, Weedagama, Bandaragama.


1. Central Environmental Authority, Robert Gunawardena Mawatha, Battaramulla.

2. The Road Development Authority, "Sethsiripaya", Battaramulla.

3. Rajitha Senaratne, Minister of Lands,
80/5, `Govijana Mandiraya`, Rajamalwatte Road, Battaramulla.

4. C.Gamage, Divisional Secretary, District Secretariat, Bandaragama.

National Environmental Act, 1980, 1988, Part IV C - Approval of Projects

23Y. For the purposes of this Part of this Act, the Minster may by Order published in the Gazette specify the state agencies (hereinafter in this Part referred to as “project approving agencies”) which shall be the project approving agencies.

23Z. The Minister shall by Order published in the Gazette determine the projects and undertakings hereinafter referred to as “prescribed projects”) in respect of which approval would be necessary under the provisions of this Part of this Act.

Factories Act, 1965 (selected sections)

Section 13. Disposal of wastes and effluents. -

(1) Effective arrangements shall be made in every factory for the disposal of wastes and effluents due to the manufacturing process carried on therein.

(2) The Government may make rules prescribing the arrangements to be made in accordance with sub-section (1) or requiring that the arrangement made in accordance with sub-section (1) shall be approved by such authority as may be prescribed.

Petition to the United Nations concerning human rights violations connected the Southern Transit Development Project (STDP) (Background Facts)


Proposed Expressway

The proposed expressway from Colombo in the Western Province to Matara in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka starts from a point on Highlevel Road in the village of Makumbura in Kottawa and ends at a location on the Matara-Akuressa road in the village of Hittetiya inGodagama.


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