ELAW Fellowship Program

Rizwana Hasan, Bangladesh
Rizwana Hasan

Strengthening leadership around the globe

ELAW Fellows come to Eugene, Oregon, to gain skills that will help them protect communities and prevent environmental abuses. These visitors bring valuable, diverse perspectives. ELAW has hosted more than 150 environmental professionals from 50 countries around the world. ELAW Fellows are law students, young lawyers, experienced lawyers, and other professionals who help the world’s most disadvantaged communities protect the environment through law.

ELAW tailors each Fellowship so that the Fellow can work with attorneys and scientists on their priority projects and be more effective when they return home.

ELAW Fellows have gone on to do outstanding work and become respected leaders. Four ELAW Fellows later won the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize, including 2009 Goldman Prize winner Rizwana Hasan from Bangladesh.

Fellowships can include:

  • One-on-one work with ELAW staff lawyers, scientists, and development professionals
  • Collaboration with organizations working on similar issues in the Pacific Northwest
  • Meeting with government agencies and attending court sessions and public hearings
  • Intensive English study at the University of Oregon’s American English Institute
  • Participating in environmental law and other classes at the University of Oregon
  • Public presentations and press interviews

Cai Cianfeng, China“My visit to ELAW was a very positive experience.  I took advantage of the opportunity to meet lawyers, judges, NGO leaders and law professors, and to reach a higher language proficiency level and to learn how to launch a public interest environmental clinic.  When I return to China, I will accelerate the development of our existing legal clinic and incorporate environmental law into it; establish a website, and hold a conference for training environmental lawyers.”
Cai Cianfeng, China

“One does not need to be told why you need to protect the environment, in May, here in Eugene.  Nature says it all!  You must see it yourself!  Whenever you are in touch with the ELAW-US people you will not miss home.  They are ready to help you with phone cards, umbrellas, car rides, cinemas, shopping, laws, computers, cases and what not.  It has been wonderful being with them – it truly is a resource bank – valuewise, intellectually and humanly.  I loved being here and look forward to pay back or pay it forward!!!”
Rizwana Hasan, Bangladesh

Francis Colee, Liberia“My stay at ELAW was a huge learning experience. It created opportunities to acquire technical and critical thinking skills needed to face growing environmental challenges across the world. I leave with a memory treasured for life.”
Francis Colee, Liberia

“We help promising grassroots leaders make real strides at home while sharing lessons learned with the international ELAW network.”
Laurie Prosser, ELAW Supporter

For more information about how you can support the ELAW Fellowship Program, please contact our Donor Liaison,
Michele Kuhnle,
541-687-8454 ext. 14


We need your help!

Many promising environmental advocates want ELAW Fellowships. We have 20 potential ELAW Fellows for 2011, but have only secured funding for a small number of them. We need more resources to bring these advocates here. Some prospective ELAW Fellows include:

Maria-Goreti Waiqalicaki, FijiMaria-Goreti Waiqalicaki is a lawyer working with the newly formed Environmental Law Association of Fiji. Currently, the Association is working closely with communities to educate citizens about their right to participate in decisions about the environment. Fiji is an island archipelago with a growing population and Maria has been working to protect the environment by improving waste management.



Montana Daungprapa, ThailandMontana Daungprapa is a lawyer working with the group EnLAW to assist communities affected by environmental pollution in Thailand. She works to ensure that plans to build power plants and industrial complexes do not harm rural areas and agricultural lands. She has helped establish a Pollution Control Area surrounding the largest industrial complex in Rayong.



Fernando Ochoa, MexicoFernando Ochoa, a prospective ELAW Fellow, lives and works in Ensenada, Mexico. His organization protects critical whale habitat from tourism development schemes and other abuses.

Fernando is eager to travel to Eugene for an ELAW Fellowship: “I could work side by side with ELAW staff lawyers and scientists to analyze environmental impact assessments for projects proposed for the Gulf of California and the Baja California Peninsula. I could also explore how international law might advance work we are doing locally to protect our coastlines.”


With more resources from ELAW supporters, we can host more Fellows and help them protect communities and wild lands around the world. A one-time gift will help us today, or you can sign up to make a monthly donation. Some supporters may choose to sponsor a named Fellowship.

When thinking about ways to help ELAW achieve lasting progress, Laurie Prosser and Xiaoli Jiang embraced the ELAW Fellowship Program. Laurie says: “We help promising grassroots leaders make real strides at home while sharing lessons learned with the international ELAW network.” Each year, the Laurie Prosser and Xiaoli Jiang Fellowship brings a lawyer, activist, or student to Eugene to gain critical skills and resources. These Fellows return home equipped to make a lasting, positive difference for the environment.

We thank Laurie and Xiaoli for their generous support. We hope that you too will consider making a contribution to this high impact program.

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