Senegal: Select mangrove laws

A variety of laws impact mangrove management and protection in Senegal. Some are highlighted below.

Loi n° 2013-10 du 28 décembre 2013 portant Code général des Collectivités locales (CGCL, General Code of Local Collectives), Article 305(community authority in certain protected sites)

Décret n° 2004-1408 du 4 nov 2004 creating Marine Protected Areas

Loi no. 2001-01 du 15 janvier 2001 portant Code de l'Environnement (Environmental Code) Articles L25 and 28(broad definitions of pollution); see also prohibitions on different kinds of pollution in Articles L 35, 41, 43, 63, 64

Loi n° 98-164 du 20 février 1998 portant Code Forestier (the Forest Code), ArticlesR3-R8(categories of forests administered by the state), R9(locally managed categories of forests), R18(broad definition of logging); see also Title III, Chapter I(classification of forests) 

Loi 86-04 du 24 janvier 1986 portant Code de la chasse et de la protection de la faune (Hunting and Fauna Protection Code) Article D42(hunting areas of interest)

Loi n° 81-13 du 4 mars 1981 portant Code de l’Eau (the Water Code)

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