2009 PIELC

The Public Interest Environmental Law Conference is the oldest and largest annual gathering of its kind. The Conference unites more than 3,000 activists, attorneys, students, scientists, and concerned citizens from over 50 countries to share their experience and expertise. The Conference is organized solely by the volunteers of Land Air Water (LAW), a student environmental law society, and is sponsored by Friends of Land Air Water (FLAW), a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

The PIELC is not associated with the Environmental Law Alliancw Worldwide, and is a separate event from the ELAW Annual Meeting.

More information about the PIELC can be found at the PIELC website, "http://www.pielc.org/"

ELAW founders met at the 1989 PIELC

Public interest lawyers from 10 countries founded the Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (ELAW) in 1989. These lawyers were working together at the 1989 Public Interest Environmental Law Conference (PIELC). As they talked, they discovered that communities in their countries were facing similar environmental challenges. They realized that if they could share strategies and legal and scientific information across borders, they could promote environmental protection more effectively.

ELAW's founders agreed to collaborate, replicate successful environmental policies, and learn from each other's experience. Today, more than 300 public interest advocates from 70 countries participate in the ELAW network. Lawyers and scientists in the U.S. office of ELAW in Eugene, Oregon, collaborate with partners around the world to help them protect the environment through law. ELAW is helping grassroots advocates win lasting victories for communities and the environment, and building a global corps of skilled, committed advocates who will be working to protect the environment for years to come.

In odd-numbered years, ELAW holds its annual meeting in February or March in Oregon so that ELAW lawyers from around the world can participate in the PIELC. The PIELC continues to be an incredible opportunity for ELAW lawyers to collaborate, share their stories, and learn from other public interest advocates.