Derechos Humanos

Earthlife Africa v. Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, Case No. 7653/03 (2005.01.26) (High Court of South Africa, Cape of Good Hope provincial division) (Judgment)

IN THE HIGH COURT OF SOUTH AFRICA (CAPE OF GOOD HOPE PROVINCIAL DIVISION) Case No 7653/03 In the matter between: EARTHLIFE AFRICA (CAPE TOWN) Applicant and DIRECTOR-GENERAL: DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIRS & TOURISM First Respondent ESKOM HOLDINGS LIMITED Second Respondent JUDGMENT: DELIVERED 26 JANUARY 2005 [Note: The following Table of Contents is inserted by ELAW US. In addition, line-spacing has been modified to single-space text. As a consequence, the page numbering differs from the original by the court.


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